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My name is Meisha i go to Taylorsville High im finally a Senior. I have alot of friends both from T-Ville and also from Murray so yeah i love playing the violin, piano kinda don't know the bottom keys but, thats ok.So yeah!


YAY!!! A New Job!

Well i Started at Great Clips yesterday (Monday) and i am now a Receptionist there i basically sweep after one of my nice employee's are done with one of their haircuts with there clients.. And then i put the used combs, Brushes ,clippies,ect into some cleanser and then when the customer comes in i check them in and tell them how long the wait is.. It's fun.. But it would be more fun if more people would come. I heard that it gets busy during the weekends and so im fine with that and i have sundays off. Im glad so i can have that day for the lord and myslef. Oh and how i got this job is 'cause two of my cousin's works there my oldest cousin her name is Ashley and then her younger bro works there just to hold signs up outside where people in there cars can see him while they are driving. And Ashley of course cuts hair and basic hair things that Cosmetologist does.. it kinda sucks though because i just started yesterday and Ashley hasn't worked since.. Oh and the coo thing about my job is that we're gonna be having a work party on the 16th of this month and we're sapose to be doing the 12 days of Christmas to someone and my boss told me that i can have Ashley as the 12 days and i was like heck ya' becuase then i can call her sister and ask her what Ashley likes because i want to get to know my cousin better than i used to.. Because me and her never really talked since she is around my sisters age level.. Oh well. Oh and i know off topic but you can still ask me questions that you have..well im tired. So Night!


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