Wake up the world so you know what ur doing.

My name is Meisha i go to Taylorsville High im finally a Senior. I have alot of friends both from T-Ville and also from Murray so yeah i love playing the violin, piano kinda don't know the bottom keys but, thats ok.So yeah!


YAY!!! A New Job!

Well i Started at Great Clips yesterday (Monday) and i am now a Receptionist there i basically sweep after one of my nice employee's are done with one of their haircuts with there clients.. And then i put the used combs, Brushes ,clippies,ect into some cleanser and then when the customer comes in i check them in and tell them how long the wait is.. It's fun.. But it would be more fun if more people would come. I heard that it gets busy during the weekends and so im fine with that and i have sundays off. Im glad so i can have that day for the lord and myslef. Oh and how i got this job is 'cause two of my cousin's works there my oldest cousin her name is Ashley and then her younger bro works there just to hold signs up outside where people in there cars can see him while they are driving. And Ashley of course cuts hair and basic hair things that Cosmetologist does.. it kinda sucks though because i just started yesterday and Ashley hasn't worked since.. Oh and the coo thing about my job is that we're gonna be having a work party on the 16th of this month and we're sapose to be doing the 12 days of Christmas to someone and my boss told me that i can have Ashley as the 12 days and i was like heck ya' becuase then i can call her sister and ask her what Ashley likes because i want to get to know my cousin better than i used to.. Because me and her never really talked since she is around my sisters age level.. Oh well. Oh and i know off topic but you can still ask me questions that you have..well im tired. So Night!


Question Time!!

Sorry that im copying Nathan and Spencer but this is the time to ask me any questions you want.. And dying to know.. I need to keep my mind of the whole job thing so you only have tomorrow and wednesday and then it's done with all the questions.

Disapointment on getting Jobs!

Today i was sapose to hear from Borders to see if i got the job. So i called Borders myself and the person i talked went to check for me and then came back to the phone and said that they'll call tonight if i get the job. But i didn't get a phone call.. That was the second job that didn't want me to work. I called Bath & Body Works before i called Borders in case i got the job at Bath & Body Works but they said they already found their employee's ; ( So i am gonna admit online that i did tear up alot. But i think this happens to alot of people that dont get jobs.. But me i got turned down twice in one night.. I feel like i let myslef down by not doing a good job at either job Interviews...



Black Friday..And earlier this week job interviews..

Well i will get to the basics. About the Job Interviews.. Last Saturday My mom and i went over to Fashion Place Mall so i could fill out job applications so i filled out a job application at Aeropostale, Hallmark, Clairs, Bath and Body Works, American Eagle, And many more.. So on Sunday i recieved a phone call from Borders to set a date for a interview so i had one on Wednesday.. But on moday after class i went over to the mall to turn in my applications at Bath and body and American Eagle and Clairs since i didn't have time to at the mall. So i had a two interviews on Monday the first one was at Bath and Body Works and i felt like i connected as friends with the Co-Manager so she gave me a paper which was another interview which was on the phone so i did that when i got home. Then I went to Hallmark and i didn't really have a interview and they would've given me the job flat out and they really wouldn't work with my school hours. So thats why. Then one wednesday i went to my interview at Borders and they said that if i get the job then they will call by Monday. But this is gonna be hard because Bath and body said that i might recieve a phone call if i get that job so i will have to choose which one i really want..But all of my interview were five,ten minutes long..

Now on the topic of Black Friday. Well every year since i can remember my mom always goes shopping on Black Friday's so this was my second year to go and our first stop was Wal-Mart my mom and i left the condo at around 12:15am and arrived at walmart at 12:25am where we met up with my grandma and aunts. And everyone wants to get the video game of the Wii so yeah and me my cousins Tori, Jillian, and Helen were first up at the Digital DVD Players and the cases so we were there for a full six hours it was so hectic i hated every waiting moment of it when i was asking my mom to take me home and she wouldn't.So it was finally the time we got everything and this place was so crowded and then we went to Mervyn's and then breakfest then last stop Sears and then home my mom didn't really buy anything at the other places except walmart and that was it then i slept in until 3pm.And im still tired.
Well thats it for now.


What can i do to help him?

Hey i know that i haven't been posting latley but i've been busy with School (Barbering/Cosmetology,Institute).. It's a whole lotta fun but kinda hard work and way long hours.Anyways another reason why i haven't been posting for awhile is because im goin through some family problems.. To keep the long story short last wednesday morning and this morning i woke up with my dad yelling, screaming that he wants to commit suicide.. Yeah scary i know.. Basically i have no idea what to do except, if it happens one more time im gonna tell my old and new Bishop. Old Bishop from old ward and New Bishop because we moved during the summer and i really dont feel comfortable in this new ward neither does my mom. I mean, isnt some wards sapose to greet you when you are a new family in the ward..?
And basically i dont like my Bishop and im sorry to say that but, it's true. I feel like this new Bishop ignores me, i mean because he's talked and said hi to both my parents but not me. Anyways i really want to help my dad but i really dont know what to do except for what i just told you. And if that doesnt help i can call the suicide hotline. And so basically i've had awhole lotta drama this past month. And my mom thinks that my dad is saying that for attention but i really dont think so. And im sorry about this post being so dramatic and kinda sad but i couldn't hold it in much longer it's been eatin me up inside. And i know this is probably not true but whenever he saids that i feel like i have no one to go to and that no one cares. but i guess its ok.. Im sorry for this post of my blog but i really need some advice that i can get the more the better.
And anyways i hope that i can get some comments and advice soon.
And my apologizes for this sad post.


Being in College is getting harder by some of the days.

I know that it's been awhile since i last posted.. But College is kinda hard...Im taking Barbering / Cosmetology. So i have theory and then 2 labs for that class at 11:45am-5:45pm Mon -Thur. And im taking Institute and Nathan is in that class were learning "The Pearl of Great Price" It fun being in that class even though its hard for me to stay awake Since my Cosmeo.. class is long but it's still good for me that i have a friend in that class that i know that would be again Nathan..
Basically my class is going good for Barbering Cosmeo... Were working on guy hair cuts in our Manikins and our guy manikins at first looked like "Jesus" at least thats what all us girls thought.. We even gave him a Mullet.. I know thats funny.. I have pics on my cell of the Manikins basics hair cuts but i would have them up but it cost money to send them to my e-mail which i donnot have.. Im trying hard of looking for a job as a Receptionest at a Hair Salon.. So yeah and a couple days after school started they (the Instructors) told us that in a few months we would need to bring an actual model for our final.. So i asked Nathan to be my guy model and Megan to be my girl model and they both agreed to support me as in being the models that i need..And now they are telling us in about two or three weeks is when we need our models, so Nathan that means you and meg needs to come... I feel you in on the details later.. Well im tired im going to bed so goodnight! :)
tttttttt Pearl


Friends who got their LDS Mission Calls

Well i think it was a week ago or a week and a half ago when my friend Megan told me that her Boy Friend a.k.a. one of my friends. She told me that he got his Mission call to Houston, Texas and i was like thats cool...And Ryan doesn't leave for his mission until Nov. 14. And so when Nathan and i were going over to Megans (this was last week) i told him that Meg told me that Ryan got his mission call. And of course Nathan was asking me where and i told him that i think that Meg wants to tell him... So he was so excited to get to Meg's house and right when we got into her house i said to Meg that Nathan want's to ask you a question.. And right after i said that Nathan asks excitedley "Wheres he goin?" And so Meg told him and then of course we practiced the song since i have to sing it again in a week in a half. And then after we practiced we chatted for a bit and then Ryan comes along and we start talking to him and he braught over a movie so Meg and he could watch it so i had to toss a coin to see of who would win because Meg wanted Ryan to watch "A Walk To Remember" Cute show i might add...

Then after all that i got a text tonight from a friend who graduated from Murray one of my old, old friends who i use to grow up with when we were little toddlers... And so he told me that today he got his mission call to Florianapolis, Brazil and i was like awesome and he doesnt leave until Dec. 12th. And so im way excited for both of my friends im gonna miss Austin (A.K.A. Murray Graduate)(Ryan is also from Murray). What a great friend Austin was and always will be..... ;)


President Faust died this morning

This morning my sister called my dad and told him that president Faust died bacause i think it was old age or something. But he died almost before his 87th birthday and they are saying it on the news. Im sad because he was one of my favorite speakers... :( what do you think?

My Family Is Falling Apart

Well it starts out how my aunt who baught my parents old house and now they're selling the house since they have spent too much money over $10,000 to fix the house up and now everything is screwed up. And now i think that my aunt wants to take my family to court for some strange reason... I dont even know the reason.. And then my dad is going to be having surgery the day before i start college and im really really scared that something bad is going to happen to my dad.. And then My parents keeps on arguing and i am getting sick of it... I dont know what to do. And im feeling like im loosing all of my friends and i dont know why. But i feel so lonely and i dont know what to do.... I need some tips or advice or at least something to help me either calm down or help me..